Atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of deities. Taken to its logical conclusion, there is no life beyond this life. There is no Creator and there is no life after death. Nothing before, nothing after, the only thing that counts is what can be seen. Atheism rejects the supernatural and places faith only in human reason and science. In fact, our public schools and universities have made quite a transformation to curriculum that is devoid of God.

Theism = belief in God and aTheism = no belief in God. There is inherent in atheism a very high value on the physical and little or no value on what has been known as the Judeo-Christian ethic. For that reason, many believe we are living in a post-Christian world. The secular has overtaken the sacred. The first revelation of this shift within western civilization came with the French Revolution. To learn more about that history, visit:

Atheism is not a logical conclusion to explain life according to The Centennial Institute of the Colorado Christian University.
The following article provides six reasons why atheism is wrong

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