Submitting to Submission

Submission is a military term which describes the status of the soldier in the chain of command. In service, every soldier is in submission to the authority above his or her rank. Everyone is following orders which ultimately flow from the General. The same could be said about any business. The President sets the goals and delegates authority down to the officers of the company. Last but not least, there is the church.
The Head is Jesus Christ and the church is the Body. Within that Body are pastors at every level carrying out the directions of leadership to love those both inside and outside the Body. Christians are in submission at many levels. That respect for authority produces unity, harmony and power to accomplish the Mission.

Now let’s take this down another notch and consider the home. The husband is the head, the wife is called to submit and the children are to obey their parents. If that was truly the case in our families, we would see a very good situation among Christian marriages. But is it?

We cannot speak for others but we need to look at our own marriages and make sure that submission is embraced and not resisted. We don’t need to be politically correct, we need to be spiritually correct, pleasing God not man.

So what about the “s” word? How is it applying to my life? Here’s what Les and Leslie Parrott, founders of see it as Les answered Tim who asked “how can I get my wife to submit to me?”

What then is headship? Let me tell you what I told Tim. Headship is not being the first in line.
It is not being the boss or ruler. It is being the first to honor, the first to nurture, the first to meet your partner’s needs.
A healthy marriage is built on a mutual desire to submit one’s needs to the other.

As Ephesians 5:21 says:

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ”

That’s the basic principle. Emptying ourselves of our self centered desires is the bridge to becoming soul mates.
Without mutual submission, every marriage, no matter how romantic, will eventually falter.

Exhortation to all men and women in marriage: Ask your spouse, what needs do you have that I can meet so that I can love you better today and in the days ahead?

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