Can I Ever Be Good Enough for God?

Yes. God would never make it impossible to have a relationship with Him. The real question is how can I be good enough for God?

A relationship with God is based on who we are and not what we do. Just as we are born physically into a family, we must be born spiritually into God’s family. A person is born into God’s family by believing the truth.

The truth is that God sent Jesus to die for us so that we could have eternal life with Him. Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price in full for all sins of all the world—including ours. When we believe in Christ, we become a new creation, and we are born into God’s family as His children. We receive the perfect nature of God into our very being, yet not because of anything that we did to deserve life. Just like our physical life, our spiritual life is a gift. Our very nature or identity is changed within so that we become a new person in God’s sight. Based on that new life, we become “good enough” for God on the basis of faith in Christ. Just as a child is loved for who he or she is, God loves and accepts us apart from our performance. It is by faith, not works, that we are “good enough” for God.

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