What Are The First Steps a New Christian Should Take?

Christians have two very important guides to help us through life. First is a good Bible that is easy to understand. You can find many choices at an online retailer, or you may wish to visit a local Christian bookstore. Start in the Gospel of Mark and read a small portion every day. You can look at the table of contents to easily locate this book in the Bible. Mark is a short, fast-moving biography of Jesus Christ. The author was a man who witnessed most of Jesus’ three year ministry and knew Jesus’ disciples well. When you finish your reading, pray and ask God to help you to follow Him as He reveals the truth to you. The Bible says that the Word is like a lamp for our feet. Every day, God gives us light to guide us through life.

Second, try to find a church where all those who attend are committed to following the Bible as their authority for living. This may require some research and a few weeks of visiting different churches. There are many biblically sound churches for you to choose from. If possible, ask a good Christian friend or family member to help you. Click on this link to help you find a healthy church.

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