Why is Hell a Reality?

The denial of hell is a major problem. First and foremost, it is a lie since the Bible and Jesus himself warns about hell literally many times. Without hell, there are no consequences for sin. Without consequences, there is no need to be saved from consequences. Without the need to be saved, there is no need for a Savior. Without the need for a Savior, there is no need to evangelize. This thinking is accepted by millions and the spiritual fallout is catastrophic. Most false religions have explained away hell.

What did God say to Adam and Eve? If you eat of the fruit, you will die. They did not believe God and they fell into sin. We are God’s ambassadors, charged with the same responsibility to warn others that they will die unless they repent and place their faith in Christ. How we go about doing this is between us and God. But we can be sure that the Holy Spirit who leads us all into truth wants us to lovingly and gently help others understand that if they do not forsake sin, they will perish.

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