What Does Salvation or Getting Saved Mean?

Getting saved means that we are exempt from eternal punishment in hell and that we will be with God for all of eternity. Even though we may not like to think about it, death is a fact of life. Beyond our own death, there is the loss of loved ones, little ones, and brave ones whose memories touch our hearts deeply. God promises to save us from eternal death by placing our faith in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. In God’s sight, when we trust in Christ to save us from our sins, we become part of Christ so that we are in the Body of Christ. Just as a man and a woman are no longer two but one when they exchange vows, we are no longer alone but one with Christ by faith in Christ.

Salvation from death comes through receiving eternal life from God. Eternal means forever. We will live forever since God lives in us through faith in Christ. The same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead will raise us as well. That is the promise for us to receive.

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